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Hiya! it time for me to change this webpage it been up since i start the net so here goes so if you dont see the site up is cause I am remoding it now so come back latter on to see if it up and new things  added too  .  I am from Pittsburgh i am now 42 year old married with two grown girls now  I been  married over 20 years . Over the years i have  meets lots of cool people from Pittsburgh we use to have IRC PARTYS  around my area so ya know I am from Pittsburgh I enjoy wrestling and Football special I am steelers and Dallas fan  LETS GO STEEELERS!!!!  lets hope they go back to superbowl this year  I have no new pictures yet to update this picture but when i do i will put it up  so lets start   long time ago I use to irc on #pittsburgh channel  i dont think it there  anymore  if you ever want to get on irc that where i am uselly at   but ya need this program Mirc.second you need to go under the undernet Here the Undernet List and third join are channel /join #Pittsburgh sometime we are still down on the undernet service  it depends  I think lots of people left anyway I mostely now on Delphi Forums Or  you can find me on them  program on  My Space    or Tagworld  or Even  My Yearbook Even now I got  Pittsburgh blog Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Area and even my own forums at  anybody can join and even open a forum up at The Candylandstore Forum's  and even my own christmas  webpage at Santa Claus North Pole Web Page!


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette !
IRC #PITTSBURGH home page!!
Pittsburgh Channel WPIX channel 11 news
Pittsburgh Weather
Pittsburgh Channel Christmas Party Pics
Pittsburgh Pirates Official Site!
Candy's Family Photo Gallery !
Candy's Pittsburgh Banners link to me
My Free Link
Pittsburgh Banners
Candy Shopping Affiliates Program
City of Pittsburgh Home Page!
The Pittsburgh Forum
Superbowl Champs Pittsburgh Steelers
Welcome to WTAE TV online
Pittsburgh Internet Providers
KDKA-TV Pittsburgh
Children Hospital of Pittsburgh


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